Working on a Home Theater Computer

I have started working on a home theater computer. The idea is not original. You can go on the Internet and find a lot of communities of people who talk about how to use them. In fact it is supposed to work in a way that is like the Digital Video Recorder you can rent from the Cable TV company in your area. It is not that simple to do though. To start with you need a menu, the thing that shows you what shows are coming on over the next week or so. You can be sure that the cable company is not going to help you with that little aspect. They know that is necessary and they do not want to help people circumvent all of the charges that they stick you with. You do not want to pay for that box, it is ten dollars a month and in fact you have to have that thing if you want to get the HD channels

That is another issue. You can not get this box to decipher the scrambled HD channels. The cable company probably is not supposed to prevent you from getting the HD channels for a reasonable price, but you can be sure that they do exactly that. They have a way that they are supposed to do it, this little card thing that the law requires them to rent you for a rather low fee. I need to get one of those and hook it up to a computer by a video card that is built to use the device. There are only a couple of these devices that you can buy on Amazon dot com and I do not really know which one would be the best. It seems that all of them are expensive.