With Satellite TV You Can View More and Do More but Not Pay More

Prices keep going up for everything. What did you start doing when the gas prices went up? Remember when it was costing a small fortune to fill up the tank? I bet you looked around town for the lowest price you could get on gas. The same thing goes for other stuff as well. We got a better price on the programming that comes into the three television sets in our house. We were paying too much for cable so we switched to satellite so we could view more at a lower price. Hey, as some companies raise their prices, I just go with the ones that offer me more for a better cost.

I asked the cable company if they could give me a box that would let me record more than two things at a time. With all of our favorites practically on at the same time on the same night, we needed a better DVR system. They wanted to increase my bill by a third just to have a better DVR. I switched to satellite, got a better channel lineup and got a DVR that records a whole lot more at one time. Not only that, I can pause in one room and pick up where i left off in another room. My cable box could not do that.

If I would have known how much more we would have enjoyed the better on-screen guide and menus as well as all of the other features, I would have switched to satellite TV a long time ago. A really cool feature is being able to watch what is on our DVR on our tablets. I sit out on the porch in the nice weather and watch my favorite TV show on my tablet. I can even download DVR programming to a computer or tablet and take it with us on a trip. It keeps the kids happy on the long rides.