Went out on a Blind Date

It was not really my idea. My friend has been chasing this girl for months and she has been playing really hard to get. I can not say that I blame her to be honest. At last she agreed, but only if it was a double date with her friend. He had to find a date for her, so I figured she would not be a prize. However she was quite cute, although her personality was a bit off putting. She told me that she worked at a place that does eyebrow embroidery in Singapore and that confused me a great deal. I guess that it can mean a few different things, different cosmetic procedures that are supposed to enhance the look of the eyebrow. In some cases it means that you use tattooing to do this, but from what I was able to figure out that is not what they do in this place. At least if you go to the web page it says that the stuff they do is long lasting, but not permanent.

At any rate it was pretty obvious that this girl did not really want to be dragged out on this date and I was pretty much on the same page. Of course I was getting a free meal and free drinks out of it, I did not agree to it without knowing I was coming out of it with something. Obviously I expected that it would be a lot worse than it was. It turned out pretty good for me however. This girl is a lot different after she gets a few drinks in her it turns out. At first she was pretty much as cold as ice, but then she drank a daiquiri and that completely changed her attitude. It was very much to my favor.