We Needed Someone to Help Us Because We Failed

After growing tired of living in a large city with too many people, my wife and I decided to move to a smaller city nearby. We bought an owner-financed home, and we love it. However, right after we moved in, we learned that we needed to get some quick rodent control in Chandler to help with a rodent infestation. We are not sure how it happened, but there was nothing in the attic when we first had the home inspected before we purchased it. We moved in about 30 days after we signed all the contracts, and the rats had moved in during that short time.

We always lived in apartments prior to buying this house that we are now living in. So, we never had to worry about taking care of a place by ourselves. If the air conditioning broke in an apartment complex, we simply called the apartment manager and they handled it. If we saw a roach or an ant, the manager took care of those things. We decided that we needed to handle things on our own in our new home, though. So, we purchased a lot of things to try to remedy what was going on.

It turns out that it is best to get a professional to handle rats. That is because these rodents are very smart creatures. Often, they will steal the bait that you lay out on the traps, and they can easily run away without being caught in one. We felt that they were laughing at us. Meanwhile, they were leaving droppings all throughout our attic. Soon, some of them found their way into our living room and bedroom. We called someone after we realized that we could not do it alone. They handled the problem in mere days for us.