Using Scrap Metals to Make Ends Meet

Times are tough for so many people. I am not able to hold a regular job because of a disability, but I don’t get enough from my disability check to make it each month either. I am one of those people who is caught between a rock and a hard place, but I am able to make it each month because of things that I do to generate extra income. One way I do this is by checking scrap metal prices per pound on a website I have bookmarked at least once a week.

The reason I do this is because I have three scrap yards within 30 minutes of me, and there are a couple of more within 75 minutes of me. Because there are so many, they are a bit more competitively priced than what most people may experience in their own areas. I collect everything from aluminum and iron to copper when I am lucky enough to get some of that. I usually have just aluminum though, but I still make a decent amount of money each month by taking what I have collected every couple of weeks to one of the scrap yards in my area.

I check this website the day before I load up my truck to deliver the metal because this is a business that can change prices on a daily basis at times. I want to make sure that the yard I am going to is the one that has the best prices for whatever I am taking in that day. Even if the difference is only a few pennies per pound, that can add up over a few trips. I have a lot of people who donate their aluminum to me because it is easier for them to get rid of it that way. It’s a win win situation for everyone involved.