This Video Shows Their Story

My daughter is part of a group that helps at risk children. She is a social worker, but the group is comprised of doctors, nurses, teachers, clergy, volunteers and others. They all contribute what they can, whether it is time, talent or money, all to make life better for children who need help. They have a website, and recently they decided to hire a video production company in Singapore to create a moving video that would explain to people not involved exactly what they are doing. They looked over quite a few different companies, but Big 3 Media is the one that stood out to them.

They were able to see other videos that this company has created, and their work really spoke volumes about the talent and creativity that the staff possesses. This was really needed because while there was a lot of talent in my daughter’s group, she told me that none of them had what was needed to create a compelling video. Someone had suggested that they make one with a mobile phone, but the majority knew that this was something that a professional company would have to help them with.

The reason this video had to be so good was because it would lead to more funding as well as additional help. The creative team that developed the video was involved in every aspect of it. Once they had the details, it did not take them long at all to create a video that left everyone in awe. It was so good that they knew it would definitely garner them them the resources that they needed. It is a win win situation too, because ultimately who really benefits the most are the children who would be forgotten otherwise. This video shows their story, and nothing could help them more than that!