This Old Building Was New to Me and Would Be My New Repair Shop Once the Flat Roof Was Replaced

I bought a building to have a transmission repair shop after I graduated mechanic’s school. I took the equivalent of a college degree in learning how to fix modern vehicles, and I decided to specialize in transmission repair. I even learned how to rebuild classic and antique motor vehicle transmissions. However, I was not a carpenter or a roofer, and my new building was actually old and in need of some roof repair. I called a company that does flat roof repair in Brooklyn NY to come out and give me an estimate. I knew it would need extensive work, and I even negotiated the price of the building down to cover the cost. I was relying on the estimates of my building inspector I hired before I bought the place.

I have been saving since I was a kid and even started investing in high school. I was able to purchase the building with only needing a small loan less than what my used car cost. It was a proud moment to take ownership of the building. My family helped me paint and fix it up. They work the trades except for roofing. The experts I hired to do the flat roof repair in Brooklyn NY knew their way around flat roofs. Mine was in deplorable condition. It was rubber that was very old and had foam sprayed over it about 25 years ago. Then it was patched in spots where old AC units used to be. The metal structure holding it up was in great shape, but the wood, underlayment, rubber, foam and top coat was in bad shape.

The whole structure needed pulled up down to the metal girders that hold up everything else. They put metal down to hold a new white membrane roof. It cost as much as my building inspector said it would. The estimate he gave was within a few hundred dollars of what the roofing company quoted me. Now the building is in great shape. It is all renovated and I have a modern transmission shop that will be here for a long time. I’m proud every time I turn on that neon “Open” sign Monday through Friday.