This is Where I Am Going to Live

Location is everything to me. I work in District 15, so it just makes sense that I would want to live close to here. That really did not matter to me before because I was moving around so much in the beginning with my work, but I am finally established with the company that I want to retire from. It did not matter to me before if I had to travel 30 or 40 minutes one way for work, but those days are now over. When I first heard of the Seaside Residences condo development, I wanted to know its exact location first.

I had heard details of it without knowing even where it was, which is why I had to find out where it is going to be at first because everything about it just seemed really nice. I admit that I was pretty happy when I saw that it is by Siglap Road as well as Siglap Link, because that would make my commute less than ten minutes, no matter where I would get a condo within the development. Plus, the location is perhaps the most beautiful location possible, from my perspective anyway.

I went to the official website for the condo development to get more information, and the more I read, the more I knew that I wanted to live here. They are taking care to make sure it is a living experience that rivals nothing else. The amenities alone are staggering, plus the condos are designed for maximum comfort and usability. I cannot wait until I am actually living there and taking advantage of everything they are going to be offering to me as well as others living there. Until then, I am just excited to get the regular email updates about how the project is coming along.