This is Definitely My Home Now

It is really hard to believe that I was looking at apartments in McDonough GA all because of my love for geraniums. When I heard that there is an actual Geranium Festival held every year in May, I knew that I wanted to go and see it in person. This was just on the whim, but it ended up changing my entire life. I got to talking to someone at the festival, and we quickly found out that we are both in the same line of work. When she told me about an opening at her firm, I was happy with the benefits that she had explained everyone gets.

It was not that I was unhappy with my former job, but I was not happy either. I wanted to do something with purpose, and this was the perfect opportunity for me. I had already submitted my application when I was there, and I was contacted about a week later for my first interview. It was at that interview that I was told I should start looking for a place to live because the job was all but mine. I started looking at apartments that same weekend, and that is how I found Crossings at McDonough.

This apartment complex is just as nice as the city I now call home. It has every amenity that I could want, and then some. It also has the best layout I have seen for an apartment. I put in my application that same weekend, and I found out the same day that both the job and the apartment were mine. This was a great move for me because I am finally doing something that I really love in an area that has welcomed me with open arms. I might not have been born here, but this is definitely my home now.