There is This Strange Guy at Work

So I have been working with this guy and I have sort of gotten to know him, but like everyone else I know that he is a jerk. I caught him at this thing, which he is using to mess with the less intelligent members of the staff. He has apparently found some sort of online fake paystub generator and used it to duplicate the paystubs that we have, albeit not that well. I saw it and I could rather easily tell that it was not legit. It did not fool half of the people that he tried it on. For some reason he was trying to convince us all that he was making a lot more money than the rest of it. Of course I actually know what he earns and I have a good idea what everyone else earns. So there was not any real way that he could have convinced me that he was really making more money than me.

It would have mattered to some people, but really to me I do not worry about that sort of thing. It seems like something that could get you fired. The guys up the stairs really do not want anyone down here to stir the pot. They want us all to focus on doing our jobs and making sure that no one starts to think about whether or not they are doing their jobs well. Of course I walk up the stairs every now and again, because I am good at math and I am the guy who sets up most of the computers. So it is not like I am out of the loop here. At any rate I am pretty sure this guy is going to end up taking a trip up the stairs when they hear about this nonsense.