The Club Will Open Next Month

The boss is really sweating things lately, because he understands that he is taking a big risk with this place. It is a real fact that when you open up a club or a restaurant there is a high rate of failure. We are thinking long and hard about how to market the place and we know that the old ways of advertising probably are less effective to our demographic. The question this morning was how much good would we get from it if we buy instagram followers. I never really thought about it, but obviously we are going to have to try to market on social media at some point and you do need to have followers it seems. For us it seems that it would be pretty obvious that we should not have that many, but I do not know how many people would really think about that critically. If you have been around for years or decades like some clubs then you obviously would have followers.

The big thing in my mind is to launch the place the right way. We are looking to make a real splash, start off with as many big name bands as you could get to come to a venue with a capacity of 1500. We need to get the people who come the first time to vouch for how awesome we are. In the end that is the best marketing you can ever have, when a movie comes out the studios spend fortunes on marketing campaigns. However if the movie stinks that does not really do them any good whatsoever. You get the first people in the theater and when they come out, the first thing that they do is they tell all of their friends and family if it was good or not.