Speaking Up for the Second Amendment

I’m not highly political, but I do have opinions. I have learned that for many politically charged concepts there are valid points from the often two polar extremes of opinion. Not always, but sometimes. Take gun control for example. I don’t want anyone who is unstable or unable to understand what gun ownership means to be in possession of them. I’m okay with law-abiding citizens who are not felons or crazy owning guns. I’m okay with those who stand up and do things, such as wear Second Amendment shirts that speak of foundational Constitutional rights. Being an activist for something does not mean you are crazy or unstable. It just means you are taking on the responsibility of speaking up to keep a right or speaking out to right a wrong with a louder voice than your average person.

Pretty much everyone has an opinion about hot-button political topics, but the numbers of people who are active in speaking up publicly are rather small. If you don’t speak up when there is the possibility of something happening politically that you do not agree with, then the few voices that are speaking louder will win the votes to pass a law. This is true no matter what side of the fence for any given topic you happen to be on. One thing I have noticed, however, is that those with a conservative lean for today’s big political topics often are not as vocal as their more liberal counterparts.

Tee shirts are a great way to make a point without opening your mouth to say anything. I enjoy being able to own and shoot guns safely. I appreciate being able to have a gun for self-defense. The police are not able to save me if a drug-crazed criminal kicks my door in at night, and I’m too old to even begin to think of fighting off home-invaders with my fists. To me, a gun is a reasonable option for an extreme situation that I hope to never find myself in.