Saving Money on Electricity and Being More Socially Responsible

It was probably 90 degrees out and I was trying to do a few chores outside around the house. I walked by the electric meter on the house and could hear a faint buzz. I walked up to it and the dial was spinning fast. I went in the house and the AC was running, a bunch of lights were on, TVs were going and someone had the stereo and TV going in the living room. Our electricity usage and bill was out of control. We did two things. We called Reliant Energy in Killeen to get a lower monthly rate on electricity, and we started to bring the kids into compliance of using less.

I grew up in a house where my dad was always on us about wasting electricity, gas and water in the house. He warned me that someday I would have to pay these bills myself. Well, he was right, but I took a lenient attitude toward energy usage by our kids. That is until I saw the waste. We switched to save money on our electric bill, but we still had the task of teaching the kids to be more respectful about waste. I had the wrong idea of just letting them consume away without thoughts of the consequences. I did not want to hound them the way my dad did me and my siblings.

Now I know better. You have to teach kids to conserve, reuse and recycle. They will not do it on their own. Waste is beginning to close in around us. There is only so much to go around. Once some things are gone, there will be no more. Things like natural gas, coal and oil are finite resources on this planet. It is important to be environmentally responsible. We switched to a cheaper supplier and work to have lower monthly usage based on our conservation efforts.