Raising Cattle and Taking Names

Finding an excellent resource on utility companies has been a pain in my neck! I just moved to Texas and boy let me tell you for the first couple of weeks I couldn’t find a darn thing about prices without having to call the companies around the area! Who wants to do that? I just needed some information on texas electricity companies in mesquite for goodness sakes! A friend of mine who knew that I was getting to the boiling point sent me energyprovidertexas.com before the steam started to burst right from ears. Whew! I’ve been raised on the web so to find myself faced with such a lack of modern information that didn’t rely on talking to a real live human being was starting to really grate on my nerves. Some information like this should is so simple that it really shouldn’t require the facilitation of communication between two people. It’s a waste of time if you ask me, and you probably arn’t. That’s okay!

Moving to Texas has been a long dream of mine. I fell in love with the Lone Star state the day that my Daddy took my down there to visit a cattle ranching buddy of his and boy, I just went head over heels for wrangling some cows. I got my first taste of wrestling down a calf and hog tying him to take him back to his mama cow after he had gone and done run away. It was in that moment that I knew there, somewhere buried deep down below my Boston-raised boyish body, lay the soul of a real cowboy. I was born to do this sort of thing! Now I’ve finally been able to direct my life into that path with the intention of doing the same friend that my Daddy’s friend did: raise cattle.