Own What You Want, Now

I have been saving my money for many years and I have been working really hard for all the pennies that I earn. I have been living in a one room studio that is so tiny, I have to push the couch up in order to get around to the other side of it. I have not complained but I have worked so hard that I am going to find a place that I like in Treasure at Tampines and I am never going to look back again. My parents told me that they did not want me to live in the city because it was so expensive, but in order to get out and move out of the tiny town that I was living in I knew that I was going to have to sacrifice a lot to find a place where I could survive and save a lot of money.

I know a lot of people that have tiny apartments but they may work opposite schedules as another person and they make it work by sharing a small space. I have even heard of people living on bunk beds and also sharing a space that way. In fact, now that I think about it, if I wanted to share expenses with someone I could have had another bunk in here and I could have also made a lot more money. I always do things like that, I always think about things after the fact and then I end up feeling really bad and then it was for no good in the very beginning. I wanted to be able to hear about different complexes, but I liked the one that I was moving to so much that it did not matter what other people said about their current places.