Online Listing for Local Scrap Prices

I want to try to find some scrap prices online, and I want to know what the local price of scrap metal is for a bunch of the scrap yards and other places that buy metal, maybe within a 10 or 15 mile radius. I probably wouldn’t want to go much further than that, and besides I seriously doubt that anywhere further away would have such a drastically higher price for what they were buying their scrap metal for, such that a different price that it would make up the difference in the extra gas money it would cost to drive that far.

Perhaps, I mean it is a possibility, but probably not. I know that when it comes to airlines, a lot of the money they spend is on the cost of fuel. It must really take a lot of fuel to send something flying across the country at 30,000 feet. But anyway, I am getting distracted. I have a lot of scrap metal to sell, and I want to see how much I can get for it, and more importantly, where I can get the best prices. It has been years since I have tried to sell any scrap metal, so I do not really know what the prices are at right now.

I am sure that copper is still worth quite a bit. I know that aluminum is typically worth a decent amount. I used to live in a state where they didn’t have a deposit on your soda cans and beer, and we would always collect the aluminum cans and then take them to the scrap yard when we had like 10 bags full of them. But of course where I live now you pay a deposit for all of the cans that you purchase at the store.