No Matter Where You Live, Security is Important

After living most of my life in one of the largest cities in the country, I am very watchful when it comes to security and safety. Friends from small towns find it odd when they come to visit and I tell them to keep my home’s door locked at all times. I also tell them to be aware of their surroundings, too. When my hubby said we were moving to Delaware, he pointed out that we could get Delware ADT if I really wanted it. But he also pointed out that the state has a small population, and the city we would be living in there would not have the high crime that the large city we lived in for so long has had.

I pondered what my husband had told me. We were told we would need to pay all of our own moving costs, so we really needed to save money. Not only that, I was giving up my job and would need to find a new one once we settled in. That means that even less money would be coming in for awhile. So, the thought of spending extra money on security if it was not necessary was something I needed to think about.

I took some time and looked up the crime statistics in the city we would be living in. The crime rates are much lower there compared to the major city we have lived in, but the fact is that crime still exists there, despite the small population. I searched around online and found out that ADT is having a promotion, and the monthly cost is very low. It is a lower monthly cost than we have been paying to another company for the last few years. I brought this up to my husband, and he instantly okayed a new alarm system for our new place once we moved in.