My Wife Needed Her Phone Fixed

My wife and I desperately needed new phones. We are not the types to go out and buy the newest model every year or so. We use what we have until it is just no longer functional. We went from having android phones to iPhones because the deals were just better for purchasing two new phones. We did not buy the best warranty though because we didn’t feel we needed it. I was seriously regretting that when my wife’s phone screen cracked. I was practically giddy though when I found a store that does iPhone screen repair in Richmond because the quote I was given from the iPhone store was ridiculous.

I posted about it on my social media account, and quite a few people told me in the comments section about this store in Richmond that does the same kind of fixes for iPhones and other Apple devices but at a fraction of the cost. I went to their website, and I was able to go right to the problem we were having to see the price it would cost me to have it fixed. To say that it was a much better deal is quite the understatement.

I took my wife’s phone to the store on my lunch break since it was not that far away, and I picked it up after work that day. It did not take that long to fix. In fact, they told me it only took about 10 minutes. So, not only are they reasonable with their prices, but they also are so fast that it is mind boggling. My wife is a lot more careful now, and I still don’t know that we would pay that much for a warranty next time when the cost to fix a problem could be cheaper in the long run by using i-Rite.