My Squeaky Furnace Was Getting on My Nerves

I live in California, and some of my friends who live on the other coast think that our weather is always perfect. I only wish it was! It can get pretty cold here at night in Sacramento, so I was a bit worried when my heater started making all kinds of noises the other night. Temps during the day were in the 50s, but it was in the lower 30s at night. I needed my heat, but those sounds made it seem like I might have a problem. I did a quick search for Sacramento HVAC services to get some information on what I could do.

I didn’t even think I could fix it myself. Reading a furnace manual would be like understanding Chinese. I am just not fluent in either! I was thankful that there are professionals out there who are though, and I was even happier to find one who works for an HVAC company and was able to come out the same day that I started hearing the noises. I just didn’t want my furnace breaking down on me in the middle of the night, because we were going through a particularly harsh cold spell. Well, for this part of California anyway.

The sounds I was hearing was coming from the bearings on the forced-air blower. It is a fan in the shape of a drum that moves the heated air and even the AC air through the ducts. The bearings start to squeak when they wear out. I asked if they were wearing out because I did not have the system inspected and cleaned like I should. It turns out that the bearings on this blower are sealed, so there was no oiling or greasing them. They just wore out. The repair technician was able to replace the bearings and have the system running quietly again in no time. I was glad the squeaks were gone.