My Son Wants a Gaming Keyboard

I love my kids more than anything, but they are living in such a different world than I am when it comes to some things. When I was their age, I was so excited to go outside with my friends and have fun. For them, their fun comes in the form of online gaming. I do let them have fun with it, but I also insist that they play outdoors a good bit too so it is a good compromise. My son sent me a link for the best mechanical gaming keyboards when I asked him what he wanted for his birthday this year.

I knew that he wanted a few other things too, but those were easy for me to pick out on my own. He already knew that I would be clueless when it comes to a gaming keyboard, and he was absolutely right on that. To me, a keyboard is a keyboard. I don’t need separate ones for my email, social media, and work projects. I just use the same one, and it works fine. He was insistent though that a gaming keyboard would enhance his gaming. Since he does like to go out and have fun with friends, I compromised here and got him the keyboard that he wanted for gaming.

I am thankful that he sent me the link though because I would not have known which one to get for him. This one has Cherry MX switches, which might as well be a foreign language to me. It is what he wants though, and I know he is going to be excited when he gets it. I do think the gaming keyboard looks cool because it lights up in different colors. It would be a distraction for me, but it is perfect for my son!