Moving Back to Charlotte on My Own Terms

I wanted to find apartments near 28217 Charlotte NC because I’m returning to the state after having lived elsewhere for about three decades. I’m moving back because of my elderly parents, who remained in the state after I left but are now having problems getting around. The thought of putting them into a nursing home is out of the question, but I also couldn’t imagine moving back into their house. I value my independence too much to put up with some of their quirkier habits, so I needed to find an apartment in the same area code so that I would be close to them.

It looks like the apartment game in Charlotte has really gone up since I lived here. Luxury living arrangements abound in the city, but I found what I consider to be the best place imaginable after talking to Mom and Dad and doing some research online. Both lines of inquiry led me to my current living quarters, located in a beautiful apartment complex near my childhood home that abounds in great amenities. Everything is so modern and luxurious that sometimes I forget that I’m living in an apartment complex! It’s that great.

I liked that they had many floor plans to choose from, and I also liked the office staff. They are friendly and can answer any questions put to them. I had a plumbing problem when I first moved in and they got right on the issue and had it resolved in a matter of a couple of hours. Not that I’ve had to call for much, mind you, as the apartment is in great shape and everything runs like a dream. They keep this place running well. My parents are still hinting around about me moving into the house, but there is no way I’m leaving this beautiful apartment!