Motion Graphic Commercial Leading to Budding Career

Right after college, I had many options for a new career. I could have went into design or become a doctor. I opted to go into a field that I had interest in: computer graphics. While in college, I learned so many things about graphics but my favorite medium to work with was motion graphics. There isn’t many places to learn motion graphic in Singapore, but the art school that I attended had an excellent program for the course which not only taught you a lot, it also gave you the skills you needed to find a job in the real world.

Many motion graphic jobs are hard to come by. I know I had a hard time getting a job compared to someone who went to college and went for a business degree or anything like that. However, the school that I attended in Singapore put you in contact with companies that wanted to hire freelance motion graphic artists for commercials and internet videos. Not many of those lead to long term jobs directly, but they helped sell yourself to other companies looking for artists.

The first job I have ever gotten from the college was working with a car dealership on a viral internet ad a year after I graduated. I thought nothing of the job other than it was something that paid and might lead to another opportunity. I had went in with my best graphics to show them and they said they wanted something more comical. So I created this motion video for them about talking cars that got shut down because it was a lot like the Disney movie. I came back with a video about an older couple who couldn’t decide on a car. The company loved it! They posted it immediately online and well, nothing came out of it other than a tv spot that ran during the news. People liked it, but it didn’t go as viral as they wanted. However, they loved my work and working with me that they hired me to work with them full time and do a series on the elder couple that never really ever decides on what car they wanted. They wanted to focus on the patience of their own staff. I made videos for them for years before finally moving onto a job with a larger company.

Granted, I loved my time there and couldn’t complain about my motion graphics work. I enjoyed learning in Singapore and felt that was the right place for me to learn. I couldn’t have the career I have today, without going through the school and learning all I could!