Landscaping is Really Useful Here

I just moved to Connecticut from the west coast due to a job transfer and I was told by a lot of my neighbors that I had Connecticut potatoes in my back yard, I had no idea what they meant so I decided to hire someone to till my back yard and use rotary filler if they needed to when they were using the roto tiller. They came up with huge rocks and I knew that they meant by the potatoes. It was really annoying as the landscaper said that the soil varied from place to place but he was going to recommend that I actually have someone go in with fresh soil and work that in where I wanted to plant my garden and that would make a very big difference and so I said sure.

I knew that it might not make a big difference to the rest of the yard but I did not care about the rest of the yard, I only cared about the area where I wanted to grow my fresh vegetables. I knew that it was going to be a lot different than back home where I could have fresh food from my garden year round but here it was going to be very different and I did not know how I was going to feel about that. I wanted to make sure that I could plant as early as I could and extend it into as late into the year that I could as well. My really old neighbor that has the garden of eden across the street was really happy to help me and I told her that I was really happy to have her help and I would do what I could to help her around her house in return.