Kids Can Make Quite a Mess

My little nephews are some of the most adorable kids on the planet, but they are too wild during playtime. While my brother was out of town for the weekend on a business trip, I agreed to watch them. They played all over the house with their markers and finger paints. Once the weekend was over, my house was full of stains. My brother agreed to pay for any cleaning that needed to be done. I called up a service that does house cleaning in Tampa Fl to restore my house back to the state it was before the kids took over.

The cleaning crew saw all of the stains and tracks all over my home and instantly knew that kids had done it. One of the members of the cleaning crew had kids of his own, and they like to make messes when there isn’t anyone around. This is one of the reasons why I’m not in any kind of a hurry to have children. I love kids, and they’re fun, but they make too much of a mess for me to deal with right now. Maybe a couple of years down the road when I have the patience to deal with them, I’ll think about having kids.

It wasn’t much work for the crew to clean my home. They had special tools that made the job go by faster. I talked to my brother and told him that the next time he wants to have his kids stay over at my home, there needs to be some ground rules so something like last time’s incident won’t happen again. I told my brother that he needs to tell his kids not to play everywhere and that they should respect other people’s property. He gave the kids a hard discussion about their behavior.