I Work in High-ech and Preserve Old Technology at Home

We have a room in our house that kind of resembles an old general store. The house used to be a store, so there is a big front window that used to be used for displaying things. Now it is our living room. We have cleared it and converted it into the look of an old store. My favorite items are the old cash register and produce scale. I work for a company that makes shear beam load cells and other components for modern scales. The new technology of load cells is amazing. We make metal devices that are compressed or bent under the strain of weight. The stresses make an electrical signal that is converted into highly accurate weights or forces being exerted on the cells. The old spring scale for produce we have on display is nothing more than a pan, spring and chains. You zero out the scale with the pan in place. There is a little screw to turn to adjust tension on the spring. Simple yet effective.

I used a set of precision test weights to adjust the scale. It is still quite accurate after adjusting it. Not anywhere near as precise as the shear beam load cells I make at work, but good enough for consistently selling a pound of tomatoes or bananas in an old time store. I deal with high-tech stuff a lot at work. I guess that is why I like to be surrounded by the old technology at home. The counter where all sales were rung up was salvaged from a very old store in a Midwestern state. We have converted it into a juice bar in our living room. The cash register is fully functional and sits at the end. My young nieces and nephews play storekeeper and customers and ring up sales using play money. They are growing up in a high-tech world, and it is nice to see them learning about and appreciating the old technology.