I Went out Hunting This Morning

Of course I really do not know too much about it, so I was not surprised that Jennifer laughed at me and the hunting pants that I bought at the sporting goods store. Of course they were the wrong kind for the season and I was burning up almost at once. By the time that the sun came up I was just absolutely blazing hot and I was tempted to walk around in my boxer shorts after awhile. At any rate she taught me how to use a shotgun and how not to shoot yourself with it, which is the most important part of. I took my camera with me and I got a couple of good photographs of wildlife. We saw quite a few deer and all of them were quite a long ways off and none of them wanted to get close to us. It was a big deal to her, but I was not really that interested in shooting a deer.

For her it was about the meat and eventually we decided to go fishing. Now I am pretty good at that and she got a little upset when I started to talk about it. There were a lot of crappy in this lake and I caught a few minnows in the shallows. She was trying to catch bigger fish and got nothing, trying to use a plastic worm. Every time that I threw a minnow out there I would get a nice sized crappy almost within a minute or two. The only exception came when I caught a snapping turtle. Of course I did not want anything to do with that and so I cut my line and pulled the hook out with a pair of needle nose pliers. Obviously I let him go back where he came from and counted my fingers.