I Needed Help with My Taxes

I never imagined myself needing a Los Angeles tax lawyer, but then again, I never imagined myself getting into trouble with the IRS either. I have been working for myself for nearly 10 years now, and I have always paid my taxes on time up until two years ago. I understand the severity of not paying taxes, but that is not why I paid them so faithfully. I use resources that this country provides every single day, and I want to do my part to make sure the roads are maintained, that our defense is funded, that our elderly are taken care of, and so many other things.

I actually take pride in paying my taxes, which is why it was so devastating to not be able to pay them two years in a row. My husband was in a horrific car accident that changed our lives so much two years ago. He ended up needing full time care for nearly a year, and the expense of that was astronomical. I started paying less on my taxes until I just wasn’t paying anything at all. I had to choose between taking care of my husband or helping my country. I wanted to do both, but I simply couldn’t.

I ended up getting letters from the IRS, and I talked for hours on the phone with them. Sometimes it just seemed like I was going in circles. I finally contacted a lawyer in my area who was able to help me get into the status of not being collected on from the IRS. This was just the break that I needed as it gave me the time I needed to get my husband back on the road of good health. I do have to pay penalties and interest, but I am also back in the position where I can start paying again. The tax lawyer helped me when I needed it the most!