I Need a Fresh Start

Last week, I contacted a divorce lawyer in Albany NY. Though everyone told me to not rush into marriage, I ignored all of them. I didn’t listen to my parents or two sisters, and I got upset with my best friend when she couldn’t see in my boyfriend what I saw. It turns out that love was not so much blind in my case but rather fleeting. I knew that I loved the guy I met in my economics class from our second time to have coffee together. He was everything I wanted, and he acted like I was everything he had dreamed of too.

We had a super fast courtship. We dated just for five weeks when he told me he could not live without me. I felt the same way, and we had a courthouse wedding just a couple of weeks later. My parents and sisters were there, as was my best friend, but I could tell that none of them were happy about it. That was two years ago. I have since had twin daughters who are now three months old. I also realized not too long ago that there was no way I will let my daughters grow up taking the same emotional abuse that I had ever since I said ‘I do’.

I knew that I needed to plan this carefully because there was no way he was going to let me go without a fight. I just could not take one more accusation or one more ‘I’m sorry’, so I found the best divorce lawyer in the area to help give me a fresh start. I have already met with him twice, and proceedings have started. Because of the way I went about it, my husband has no choice but to let me go. I am so grateful to my attorney for making this happen, and I will always take my family’s advice moving forward.