I Figured out a Way to Get More Information

I remember both of my parents going to see a pychic when I was very young. It fascinated me. The lady they went to even let them record the session, and I got to hear it for myself. So, when I found myself going through a really frustrating and tough time recently, I decided to find out of there is such a thing as phone clairvoyant readings after hearing about them when I was listening to two women talk about it in a restaurant. I did not mean to purposely eavesdrop on their conversation, and I made sure not to be obnoxious about it. But when I heard them talking about it, I really wanted to learn more for my own sake.

My parents died in a really strange way. My older brother came home one night and found them both dead in our home. I was staying the night with a girlfriend, so I didn’t see any of the terrible scene. Detectives came to get me from my friend’s house that night and they deposited me and my brother over at my grandmother’s house. My brother was silent, but I could tell something was wrong. And I knew that being picked up and dropped off by a police officer was certainly not the norm. I wondered where mom and dad were. When we were dropped off with my grandmother, she sat us down and told me what had happened. I was numb. I didn’t cry. I was grieving inside. I missed both of my parents already. I couldn’t believe it was true. Who would want to hurt my parents?

For many months, the police officers kept in touch with us. Yet, they had no major clues as to who had hurt my parents. It really bothered me for a lot of years. This week, after hearing the woman talking about speaking to a psychic, I am going to call one and see if I can learn any new clues.