I Can Show My Nails

For years I’ve been ashamed to show my feet. I would always wear closed toed shoes and socks, while avoiding sandals or going barefoot. When I would invite other people to my home and they would stay for the night, I would still have my socks on. I was even too ashamed to have my feet looked at by a doctor. I didn’t know that there was an effective natural nail fungus treatment, as I had only heard about the prescription stuff that comes from the doctor. I did some research and learned about one natural treatment that had been getting used a lot.

I decided that it was finally time for me to put an end to my foot nightmare. I was tired of hiding my feet from the world and being stuck with only one kind of shoe. I started using the natural treatment and put myself on the path to having normal feet. Each day my feet got a little better and eventually the fungus was completely gone. The nails had a normal color that I hadn’t seen on my feet in many years. To celebrate, I went to the store and bought some sandals. Wearing them is so relaxing because they allow my feet to breathe and they’re not as confined as a normal shoe.

My friends noticed that I was wearing sandals and walking around barefoot, but they didn’t know why. This was a big shock for them, because they had never seen me wearing anything that showed my feet, even when we’ve gone to the beach. I hadn’t told them that I was suffering from nail fungus and I don’t think I’ll ever tell them. There’s no reason for them to know that anything was wrong with my feet, especially something as embarrassing as nail fungus.