I Called a Roofing Contractor in NYC to Fix Our Garage Roof

Our detached garage has a heater and window air conditioner in it that I sometimes use when working out there depending on the season. Most of the time it is at the temperature a building would get depending on what the weather is outside. It can get really hot or really cold. I think these rapid up and down temperature changes that could vary a lot from day to night hastened the wearing out of our roof. I called a roofing contractor in nyc to see what it would cost to replace the shingles.

It looked like moisture was causing some buckling of the shingles from underneath. The flexing seemed to be making cracks in the surface of the shingles. We bought this garage as one of those kits that a contractor puts up. It is just a simple slab of concrete and a wood frame on top. It is not finished inside, nor is it insulated. The vinyl siding looks great, but the roof needs replaced. I’m sure that the highest quality shingles were not used in the original construction.

Now that we are more financially secure, I asked the roofing contractor in NYC to put up the best shingles available. A better felt underlayment will also help protect the shingles. After the contractor is done, I am going to put in some insulation and then put drywall on the interior walls. That is a simple job I can do with my wife’s help.

Then, of course, I will have to use that shiny epoxy on the concrete floor, and I will have to outfit the garage with manly cabinets. Hey, my wife has her new kitchen and master bathroom. At least I can have a nice garage to retreat to. The only thing I wish I had done when it was originally built was to install a bathroom.