I Am Back in Nevada for Now

I got back here a few days ago and I suppose I shall stay until all of my business is done with Richard and Gordon. It does not seem like Gordon is really too interested in making the deal as compared to enjoying the finer things in life. When I saw him he had a really adorable brown haired girl with him. She was probably 25, Gordon is probably 65 and he might have thirty million dollars, so I did not need her to tell me she worked for a Las Vegas escort service. Gordon told me that they had cut out the middle man though, there really is not much point in paying them after you know the girl’s phone number I suppose. At any rate I am trying to make this deal and Gordon just laughs at me. He just did not care about making more money and besides he showed me how much money he was making gambling.

Gordon was always a genius at mathematics and a really good electrical engineer too. He worked all his life, he and his wife raised three kids. One is a doctor, one is a dentist and the other is a session musician in Los Angeles. His wife died about seven years ago and he decided that he was going to enjoy the rest of his life. From everything I could tell he was doing exactly that. I sat down at a blackjack table and watched him win 13 thousand dollars in a few hours. He told me that he made a lot more money playing poker or video poker, when I thought about it I realized he was exactly the sort of guy who could make a good living playing cards. I lost hope for the deal and he suddenly wrote a number on a napkin. When I called the guy he said he would do the deal because Gordon told him it was a good move.