How to Keep Ourselves Safe

I don’t like to take chances. I grew up in a city that was less than friendly to the people that lived there. A day or night didn’t go by that I wasn’t exposed to the sound of gun shots outside my window or the shouts of people fighting or even hearing of a neighbor being robbed. Even our home was robbed twice back to back resulting in the loss of nearly every single electronic device in the house. It was a terrible place to grow up. After moving I looked for the best home security in Fort Worth – I wasn’t going to allow myself to be a victim again.

It’s a terrible way to live. The constant fear, I mean. Living night after night with one eye open and your body tense with the readiness to respond at the slightest noise. Was someone going to break in tonight? Would this night be the night that I would be confronted with some jerk burglar trying to take away my hard earned things away from me? There’s always going to be someone out there who wants to capitalize on others. Someone is always looking to profit off someones hard word. It’s awful.

This is the world we live in. For others it may not be so bad but they’re the lucky ones who didn’t have to grow up in the ghetto like I did. It taught me a valuable lesson. Lessons, really. My neighbors might look at me askance as if I am paranoid and maybe they’re right to think so. They’ve never had their home exposed like I have. They’ve never had to go to bed at night feeling as vulnerable and naked to threats like I have. The world isn’t exactly friendly but we can take measures to keep ourselves safe.