How Safe Can You Make Your House

So we got to thinking about this after there was some bad stuff going on down the street. I have one of those Burlington adt alarms and I pay ADT to monitor it, but I am not sure how much safer that makes you from some person who is truly determined to harm you. You can use a steel door and put steel bars over your windows, but of course that makes it look as though you have something in the place that is worth going after. It is all a matter of how much effort you want to spend to keep a person out of your house and how much effort they will take to get in a place. Of course a lot of locks are no deterrent to a person a least bit of knowledge of how to defeat them. It is true that you can open a lot of locks with no more than a credit card. In other cases all that you need is a good pocket knife or a multi tool.

I have seen that myself. I know a police officer and once we were locked out of the church, so he took out this mult tool and opened the door just as easily as if he had had the key. He then noted that we should get one of those things that keeps you from being able to do that. All it is a little slat of metal that keeps a person from using that method to jimmy a lock. It takes a couple of minutes to put one in, but that makes it so that some who wants to break and enter has to know a different trick than that one. I expect it would not slow down a few thieves, but others might go elsewhere.