Home Services for My Aging Parents

I did a search for Boynton Beach senior center and home health care not long ago. My parents are both in their 80s, and they are actually doing quite well for their age. They do need some help with some things though now that they are finally starting to slow down a bit. I knew that neither one of them are ready to move into a retirement center. They value their independence too much, plus they really don’t belong in a place like that. They are still quite active, it is just that they are slowing down a little more.

I wanted to get them some help, which is why I started inquiring about home health services. I liked that there is a wide range of help that is available. My parents don’t even take any medication yet, but it was nice to see that there is help with giving them medication should they start taking any one day. There are also home nurse visits, but neither one of them need that either. They are just slower, but they are not unhealthy or riddled with any kind of problems.

I just wanted someone there who would be able to help them with some cleaning, perhaps some meal prep now and again, and mainly their laundry. I have no problem going over to do it, but they will not let me help them that way. It is not that they are too proud, because they aren’t in that way. They just don’t want me getting riddled down in helping them with all kinds of things. They told me it will start out slowly, then I will end up doing more and more for them. They wanted me to have my independence too, so this was a great compromise for the three of us to have!