Helping Your Children Learn to Make a Career in Music

We have two children. Both of them are highly interested in music. They listen to contemporary music, but they also have a strong interest in world music. They have been learning music history on their own, and they have been keeping up with their musical instrument lessons that we have been paying for. When they both approached us about attending a music school in Singapore, we really had no hesitation in signing them up. We knew that the careers of both of them would have something to do with music. We just did not know exactly what those careers would be.

Our son is a powerful lyric and music writer. He wrote songs from an early age that sounded just as good as hit songs on the radio. Our daughter makes musical instruments sound wonderful even if she is just practicing scales. She puts so much emotion into her playing, that we knew she would be heard by many fans at some point in her life. I have been wondering about them collaborating together. Our son has a superb voice. Maybe the music school in Singapore will see their potential if they worked together more often.

They have worked together to produce music for school plays and other events. They have even performed with other students. Our daughter was the one actually playing the violin piece for an actor in a school play. They both have such amazing talent, and we have no idea how it came to be so pronounced in them both. No one else in our family on either side is particularly musically inclined. My husband can play a few chords on the guitar, and I like pecking away at a piano at times. Neither of us any good at it, though. It is amazing how children can have such potential, and I think it is important to help them grow it to maturity.