Having Fun and Learning Too

When I was out looking at yard sales not long ago, I came across one house that had a lot of children’s toys for sale. I found a really neat puzzle for young kids, but it was not in the best of condition. I really liked it though, so I went home to do an online search to see if I could find either the same one of a very similar one for my twin daughters. What I ended up getting for them is an Under the Sea floor puzzle, which is nice in so many ways.

First off, the design is beautiful. It shows a small section of the sea bed, and all the creatures that call that particular place home. There are over ten different sea creatures, including a whale, a shark, a clam, fish, and so many others. It is not just about the animals that call this place home though. It is about their actual home too. The sea bed is so clean and has all kinds of colorful plants and coral. It is just a very striking picture that I knew my kids would really enjoy a lot. It helps that the price was extremely reasonable too!

I knew that my girls would like it because of the design and pictures, and that was really all I was thinking. I did not consider the educational value of this, which turned out to be huge. The girls learned how to solve problems with it simply by learning how to put the different pieces of the puzzle together. It also really helped them with their hand and eye coordination skills. This is just the first of many puzzles they are going to get now. Watching them learn and have fun at the same time is precious beyond words!