Getting Started in Business Fast with a Turnkey Building Solution

We got a business idea, had a rural property and needed a building to get started in fast. We looked at turnkey building projects for a fast way to get a structure built, and steel was our best option. We might have made the mistake of going with a masonry and wood structure if we had not been so pressed for time. We are glad that we had to get moving fast on the building part as our steel building is absolutely perfect for our needs. We got it in the color that we wanted. It does not look like your typical generic steel building. Our production area was ready to go fast. We had the office and other rooms built inside really quick after the building went up.

The building phase was pretty quick. A footer and a slab with pipes and conduits sticking out had the steel over it in no time. We had the building fully insulated as the summers can get hot and the winters can get cold here in Pennsylvania. I was surprised at how fast this company that builds steel buildings in Washington, PA got this structure up. We were ahead of schedule, and we were actually expecting construction delays. We allotted for some, but there was none. My neighbor had a house built with a prefab foundation. The foundation went in fast, and the rest of the construction seemed to take forever. I like pre-engineered construction methods. You get great quality, and it goes together fast.

When you have something that has already been designed with its materials delivered, it goes together faster. When you have to cut, drill and do all that kind of work at the site, it takes time. Stuff that arrives at the building site ready to be erected goes up much faster.