Getting Back Pain Relief After Several Months of Suffering

I went to my doctor a few months ago complaining about pain in my lower back. He ran tests for everything from kidney stones to checking my bladder and prostate. This was all done one after another when the original diagnosis of simple lower back pain was not resolving after several weeks. Nothing showed up as being wrong. I even had an MRI of my lower back. It all looked good. After not getting any results to explain my pain, I went to a Campbell chiropractor to show him all the tests and results. Well, after one adjustment in his office my back started to feel better.

I was hurting all of the time. It was affecting everything from work to sleep. Recreation had flown out the window months ago due to the pain. I could not even sit on my riding mower to mow the lawn. The Campbell chiropractor had me back doing the things I normally do in no time at all. You might be wondering about the MRI. Well, imaging is interpreted by radiologist medical doctors. It is basically an educated guess. Some things are blatantly obvious such as a break or a mass. Other things are subtle and as small as the tiny nerve fibers that travel from your spine to all of your body’s systems. My back had real pain, but I did not have a real diagnosis that offered any relief until I went to see a chiropractor.

The MRI did not show anything wrong because it is not seeing every tiny detail of my back. Obvious nerve impingement from a dislocated vertebra would have been easier to see than the misalignment caused impingement that I was experiencing. I am not one to fall for any placebo effect. It either hurts or does not hurt, and after one adjustment I had good two days on the not hurting side of the coin. I needed to go back for some more adjustments and therapy, but I was pretty much fully relieved of back pain.