Drinking and Driving Was Wrong

There are not that many times in my adult life where I have been embarrassed. One of those rare times was about three years ago when I needed to find a good Gwinnett County DUI lawyer. I wish I could say that it was all a mistake, but it was not. I made a foolish mistake, thinking that I could drive after watching a football game at my buddy’s house. The only problem was that we had each had about half a dozen beers, and I was feeling very good. I did not feel drunk, but I knew that I was probably not far from it.

I only had to drive about two miles to get home, so I decided to risk it. I made it about halfway there when I was pulled over by the police. I had to do a field sobriety test, which I failed. I was charged with driving under the influence, which is why I knew I needed to find a good lawyer. I knew that I could really mess up my life if I ended up trying to handle it on my own.

I guess the good thing about my case is that I was filled with genuine remorse. I knew I had done wrong, and I also knew that I was not going to make that mistake ever again. I also was willing to face the consequences of my actions. I knew I had to pay in some way, which is why I wanted a good lawyer. I would rather have to pay with a fine or community service rather than any jail time. Even though it was just my first offense, I know that some judges like to make an example of people. Thankfully, my lawyer was able to keep me out of jail. I think the lawyer and judge both know how sorry I am!