Children Have to Learn at a Phenomenal Rate Nowadays

When we are out of school and into the workforce we can sometimes not notice what our own children are going through as they get an education. I only have my school experiences as a foundation of being able to associate with what our grandchildren are going through. Well, we did not have computers in my school. I am well-versed now in computers, but did not grow up with them. Our grandson has been using a tablet in class since before he could read well. Helping him to advance is why we pay for JC physics tuition for him. The reason is because kids are now learning things at an exponential rate compared to when my wife and I were in school.

I cannot even fathom how today’s kids hold up under the workload of what they are learning in school. We are teaching as a matter of routine many things that were not even yet on the minds of the most advanced scientists in the world when I was a young child. As we continue to advance in knowledge and the development of human society around the globe, will it reach a point that we are teaching toddlers advanced chemistry? There has to be a limit of how much kids can learn and how fast they can learn it. I don’t know if we have reached those limits yet. All I see is a push for more and more.

In some ways I am concerned that our children and grandchildren are missing out on the fun of just being kids. However, it is also encouraging to have a grandchild that knows more about math and science at a young age than was possible for me to even learn. The knowledge in science, technology, engineering and mathematics continues to exponentially advance. I wonder what the next generation of kids will be required to learn at an age when they should just be learning how to balance a two-wheeled bicycle.