Before There Were Cold Toes

My husband and I had saved our entire adult lives to be able to build the house that we wanted to live in for as long as we could, even though we were fifty years old. We realized that we were going to always have ties to the area so we decided to build where we had raised our family in California. We had chosen all tile and hardwood in our entire house and it was a good idea until we had cold toes. I had to go to find rugs in West LA where I would be able to look at the rugs and also see what they feel like on the soles of my feet and if there were any weird textures that might not feel so good under my toes because I usually walk around with just my bare feet and that makes me really happy with everything.

My husband and I are both from Asian parents and it is really customary in our cultures to just take off your shoes before you walk into another person’s house as it is a sign of respect and I really understand why people have it like that. I wanted to be sure that I could go and spend some time with my husband on these rugs as we would be the ones who were walking on them the majority of the time and my husband is starting to not wear socks on his feet anymore because he said that he likes the feeling of having his toes and bare feet exposed, I thought that was a great thing for him to say since he was usually not caring what I was going to get on the floor but now he actually had an opinion on what we were going to have and that made me so happy.