Apartments Aren’t What They Used to Be

Fresh out of college and looking at living options, my friends and I decided on living together for a few years until we had our finances in order. One friend suggested moving into an apartment over a house. When I would think about the apartments in Tallahassee, I would always picture the rundown looking apartments that had been around since the 70s and without much renovation. My friend had a different mental image in mind, as he knew of some pretty decent looking apartments that had modern visuals and build quality, while also being in the perfect spot for young people to hang out.

The apartments we were looking at were pretty nice, but we couldn’t make a decision just by looking and reading about them alone. He had to see them in person, so we took a day out of each week to look at the ones on our list. We even took some pictures of the apartments when we went inside to compare them to the images on the websites that featured them. These apartments really had a younger audience in mind, featuring things like swimming pools and fitness centers. When my parents live in an apartment when they were younger, they had none of these things.

After seeing all of the apartments, we discussed which ones would be the best place to live. We really couldn’t come to an agreement on any of them at first, because everyone had their own preference for a living spot. We had to think about which ones were similar enough to each other that if we eliminated one, the other wouldn’t be missed. Once we did that, we left only the ones that were closest to us, as distance was a factor. We all eventually came to an agreemetn and moved in.