An Encyclopedia for the Programmer in Need

neuro linguistic programming nlp is a process by which language is ...With the constant advancements of systems technology and the globalization of common PC programming languages, reference websites specific to tech related issues are beginning to spring up at a rapid pace. For those that have spent time creating a masterpiece of syntax manipulation upon the pages of a powerful Vi text editor or fancy Windows IDE; attempting to remember everything quickly becomes a forgotten concept. Some programmers write their functions, methods, classes and variables on paper while they “!#Bang” and “Bash” their head against the monitor; attempting to remember the median of that last array (“Or was it the one before?”). A constantly updated domain is rare and usually eludes the more in-depth usage of complex C++ techniques used in advanced development systems. Most sites will focus on a certain flavor and die away after the developers spin an even higher level language from their branches, further complicating the language and slowing operations down, one call at a time. Providing a quality source of information for programmers is a tough goal to accomplish and some particular features would obviously need to be present in order to maintain their attention. Though the focus of most professional programmers is entirely “C-driven”, other branches and languages would need their space for discussion and information. A powerful search function would be among the most important areas; including all definitions as well as user-submitted options within their own pages. Compatibility is a must, reaching out to users of all operating systems via various API’s and a powerful cross-reference that works to pull together similar processes where possible. Plenty of sites already exist with detailed lists and tutorials, but none truly amass all the various methods and ideas that a true hacker’s site would maintain. I have attempted to find such a site and it required months of searching before I landed on these pages.