Air Unit Repair Done Fast

On a hot and steamy night in July, the air conditioner went out in my apartment. I tried to fix it myself with the help of Google but nothing worked. I cleaned it, I sprayed it, I tried to clear the airways. I even tried the classic turning it off and back on again and nothing worked! I had to find someone to fix it, so my search for someone, anyone that did repairs to fix it. Going back to Google, I searched for air conditioner repair NYC and got a few great results.

Calling all of these repair services was a task. Some couldn’t come out right away, some put me on a waiting list that could be a day or a week long. The temperature in my apartment was a staggering 90 degrees so I couldn’t wait a possible week for this to be fixed, especially with the outside temps increasing every day. The heat was going to end up getting to me and a hand held fan wasn’t going to cut it. Finally, I found someone that was able to come in the morning and look at the air unit. I was so happy that it would be fixed soon!

First thing in the morning, the repairman came and I told him about the hot restless night I had without the air. He said “I’m sure I can get this fixed for ya!” and went right to work after asking if the unit in the window was the one causing me problems. I told him it was and he went to work. He took it apart and said the hose was clogged, that was probably what the issue was. I asked what was it clogged with, I had no idea. He said sometimes the water from the condensation of the unit mixes with dust or dirt from the air and makes basically a “mud pie” in the tube, which will clog and cause the whole machine to stop working. I cleaned it out for him while he cleaned out other parts of the unit. When he put it all back together, it worked better than before! I couldn’t believe that the hose was just clogged.