A Small Creek Caused Major Flooding

The building that my company is in is right in front of a creek. I never gave that creek much consideration since it was in the back of the building and I never had to see it unless I was out back, which was not very often. It wasn’t even a huge creek, and I could have stepped over it with a huge leap probably. Anyway, during a really bad storm, this creek ended up flooding the building. When I saw the mess from it the following morning, I did a search for water damage in Charlotte.

I have never been the victim of a flood before, so I was not sure how to even proceed on my own. The water was only about five inches deep, but everything that was on the floor was pretty much ruined from what I could see. I was able to find a company that is an expert in disaster services, including flooding. I was impressed with how fast they were able to come out too, because I knew that I was not the only person who had become a victim of this storm.

When they came, they had all of the right equipment to get the water out. They also were able to set up machines that would dry the area out. The best part, other than them actually cleaning, was that I was able to give an accurate report to the insurance company thanks to the work this company did. I took pictures of what the office looked like with the water and what it looked like without, after it was dried out. I lost all of my furniture and had to repaint the walls, but it could have been so much worse. I am just thankful I had this company to help me out!