A New Face for Jenny

My friend Jenny just experienced one of the best days of her life. She got married to the love of her life last week. She was all smiles at the wedding ceremony. Her husband Hank could believe how beautiful she was when he removed her veil. We all enjoyed ourselves at the celebration of their union. Things were not always this perfect. Jenny was obsessed with having the perfect wedding. She wanted everything to be on point. One thing she wanted to control were the small wrinkles on her face. She needed botox in Rocklin CA. Jenny was old, but she was no longer in her twenties. She realized that her perfect looks were fading with her getting close to her forties.

Jenny’s obsession with perfection started at an very early age. She competed in many beauty pageants as a child. She always worked hard to be the best at anything she did in life. Her parents raised her to be competitive. One after one, she won all the beauty awards and trophies she could. She even won a few scholarships for college. Jenny also had no problems finding a boyfriend. All of the men in college wanted to be her boyfriend. Her beauty helped her obtain a lot her goals in life. Unfortunately, looks do not last forever.

One day, Jenny noticed some wrinkles on her beautiful face. She was worried because she was so young and had early signs of aging. She felt sad. She did not want her imperfect face to be all over wedding pictures. She looked for a doctor that specialized in botox. The doctor helped Jenny with her face. After some treatments, Jenny face looked as youthful as before. She cried tears of joy with her new face. She was smiling all throughout her wedding. I was glad that she was happy.