A New Computer Build from Scratch

Usually I buy my computers pre-built, but recently I decided to build my own for gaming purposes. My friends always told me that it’s so much better to build your own, because you can customize it with the parts you want, and it costs less than buying one from a manufacturer. They said it was so easy, but it really wasn’t to me. I went to a lot of shopping comparison websites to find the lowest prices, and I looked at different parts from different manufactures for hours. Many of the manufactures made similar products, so I wasn’t sure which ones were better.

I didn’t want to buy parts made by manufacturer who had a terrible reputation, but I also didn’t want to buy the most expensive parts just to have them. My friends usually just went with one particular name brand manufacturer for their parts, but they usually chose the most expensive parts for their builds. I was doing a budget build, and didn’t want to spend any more than $500 for the computer, not including the price of the monitor and the operating system. From looking at different reviews, I found which manufacturers had a good track record with reasonably priced parts.

I ordered the parts I needed, and then purchased a copy of an operating system to use. The operating system usually costs around $100, but I was able to get a student discount on it. It’s a good thing too, because I’m in my last year of college, so that discount won’t be usable anymore, unless I enroll in some kind of post graduate program. Once the parts arrived, I assembled the computer and installed the software. The computer handled games pretty well, and it was even much better than the store bought computers that come at around the same price